Taiden Conference systems

Excellent solutions for conferences
Taiden conference systems are high-end technology solutions various kinds of meeting environments - from small installations to international congress and conventions.

TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. TAIDEN is one of the world's leading conference system manufacturers, as well as the largest one in China. TAIDEN has won high reputation on a global scale for its excellent quality products and high performance.

Taiden Paperless Multimedia System

The trend-setter of modern conferencing solutions with its seamless integration of AV and ICT technologies. This advanced all-in-one solution incorporates a touch panel interface for file management and video display, successfully replacing the need for papers or laptops in meeting environments.

- Stylish and ergonomic ultra-thin capacitive touch panel

- All-in-one paperless event experience including document reading, HD video watching, interactive meeting management (discussion, voting, interpretation) and meeting service

- Proprietary mMediaCongressTM platform ensuring system reliability and safety

- Superb audio intelligibility reproducing audio frequency between 30 Hz and 20 kHz

- Versatile and quick identification: fingerprint reader, built-in RFID card reader

- Tactile buttons and braille indication offering greater feedback and accessibility


Taiden Generation Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System

The perfect wireless solution integrating superiorities of digital, wireless and IR transmission technologies.

- Original dirATC―digital infrared Audio Transmitting and Control technologies

- Wireless system, easy to set up and remove

- CD quality sound from the microphone

- Microphone sensitivity and EQ can be adjusted individually

- Isolated audio recording function for simultaneous interpretation (1+7 CHs)

- Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy

- Unlimited quantity of infrared wireless conference systems can be installed within a building

- No worries about eavesdropping and radio interference, no radio radiation

- Full functions (discussion, voting and 1+7 CHs interpretation)

- No radio frequency license needed for operating an infrared system all over the world

- Adopts 1-8 MHz transmission frequency,undisturbed by HF driven light sources

- Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices


Taiden Economical Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System

The perfect wireless solution integrating superiorities of digital, wireless and IR transmission technologies.

- Economical tabletop discussion system

- Digital infrared transmission and control technology, DQPSK modulation/demodulation

- No frequency planning, no wiring, free from RF interferences and eavesdropping

- Ceiling/on-tripod installation of control unit of receiver

- Built-in Webserver configuration and control

- No impact on furniture, interior equipment or building structure

- Ideal for small to medium sized rooms or historical buildings

- Expandable application in larger rooms

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